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Submit your work today to be a part of OVS Revived! Coming January 2017

From now until November 16th we are reading for our Revived issue of OVS Magazine that will be released in January 2017. Every submission is considered for the position of feature artist and poet! Submit your work now!

After two years of family trauma, death, chronic illness and mental health issues, we have found our way back to you, our readers and contributors. This is the down-side to family business. When the family faces such tornados, those things we absolutely have to do are all we can do. So, thanks for being patient with us through what has been one of the most challenging times we have faced.

We are looking forward to publishing all of your beautiful work! As our editor, Ivy Page said recently, “Each day brings with it a new adventure, sometimes it is a test that will challenge you, and other times it will be a day filled with joy, embrace them all.”

All the best,

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