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OVS Magazine was started in 2009 by Stephen and Ivy Page to give new and established artists and poets a place to publish their work in a respectable peer-critiqued journal. OVS Magazine is an online and print literary journal based at the edge of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, edited by staff and guest authors/artists.

Not long after we decided to get things rolling, we asked a few friends and family to join the team. The team has changed over the years. Lisa, Lynne, Beth and I have become the base of the editing team. We are a smaller team right now, but we hope to get a few more people to join the mission!

Cinnamon Stuckey was here from the beginning until 2013. Her eye for great poetry has helped shape the content of each issue. We were lucky to have her when we did.

Beth Page has been our art editor, and the layout guru for the print edition from day one, until 2014, She is joining us again for the Fall issue 2017, and will be a part of OVS forever! She was an integral part of bringing this journal to life. We wouldn’t be the journal we are today without her input.

We couldn’t publish anything without your contributions. You are what makes the journal amazing! Without the hours of labor you put into your art, visual or the weaving of words…thank you.



Owner/Founding Editor, Ivy Page

Co-Editor, Lisa Sisler

Associate Editor, Lynne McEniry

Guest Editor, Lauren Gordon

Art Editor/ Layout/Design, Beth Page

Web Guru, Stephen Page


We are no longer offering subscriptions.

We are a small volunteer staff, and have decided that subscriptions are too much for us to keep up with at this time.

You can buy a copy of OVS Magazine anytime on, LULU!