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Taira Anderson – Spring 2012

Taira Anderson is no longer 9-5ing at a grocery store. This simultaneously thrills and frightens her. She would compare this mixed feeling to that which is felt at the very moment electricity is snatched away in the night by a thrashing storm. –The lights go out, your stomach splits in two, half of it rises (how exciting! the dark!), half of it falls (how scary! the dark!). Eventually, though, your innards settle, your eyes adjust and the dark doesn’t seem so dark.


Kelly Bartell – Spring 2011

Richard Beban – Winter 2013

Richard Beban is a photographer of few words who lives in Paris, France.

Eleanor Leonne Bennett – Winter 2013

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16 year old internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic,The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, BBC News Website and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. Her art is globally exhibited , having shown work in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles,Florida, Washington, Scotland,Wales, Ireland,Canada,Spain,Germany, Japan, Australia and The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (2011) amongst many other locations. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.

Christine Brandel – Winter 2013

Christine Brandel is a British-American photographer and writer, currently living and teaching in the American Midwest. Her work has appeared in literary journals on both sides of the Atlantic. She writes a column on comedy for PopMatters and rants and raves through her character Agatha Whitt-Wellington (Miss) at Everyone Needs An Algonquin.

Bryce Dishong – Spring 2012 Contest Winner!



Elizabeth Catanese – Winter 2013

Elizabeth Catanese is an artist and writer embracing creative hybridity. She was a finalist for a Lois Cranston prize from Calyx, and her creative work has recently appeared in Adanna Literary Journal and Anomalous Press. Her mixed media and installation art has been exhibited in galleries at the College of Saint Elizabeth, Bryn Mawr College, Mercer County College, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, and other venues. She lives in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, and is an English professor at Community College of Philadelphia.

Rebecca Clever – Summer 2011

Rebecca Clever is a writer, editor, photographer and musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her poetry, non-fiction, articles, interviews and photographs have appeared in various literary journals, anthologies and newspapers, including The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Fourth River, cliterature, ECOllective, Lumina, Lunarosity, Shaking Like a Mountain (SLAM), Spirit, Freshwater, Magnapoets, and Split Oak Press, among others. Most recently, she received her MFA in Creative Writing, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Chatham University.

Julia Cocuzza – Spring 2011

Cathy Colborn – Summer 2012

Cathy Colborn is a MFA student at Rosemont College. She was published by Outrider Press, Ripple Zine, Flashfiction.net and Writers’ Bloc and created a small online zine called Philly Flash Inferno. She loves sketching and painting graphic art with a psychedelic spin and recently had her work published in Pirene’s Anthology benefiting Japan: Sunrise from Blue Thunder. Cathy has studied ekphrasis for ten years and created her own chapbooks: Recycled Shoes and Stoned in Paris. On the weekends she loves preparing for the zombie apocalypse and baking cupcakes (but not at the same time).

Mike Curato – Spring 2011, Featured Artist Summer 2011

Mike has the fortune of possessing a designer’s brain, an illustrator’s heart, and an artist’s vision. He has a range of creative experience, from layout, packaging, ogos and brainding, to drawing, painting, and digital illustration. You can find him on any given day walking around Seattle eating a cupcake (or thinking about it). Or you can check out his site.


Anannya Dasgupta – Summer 2011

Anannya Dasgupta is finishing up a doctoral dissertation on magic in seventeenth-century England. Her photographs have appeared on three book covers, in Haggard and Halloo and on the cover of Winter 2011 issue of Lantern Review. Her work has been shown in two group exhibitions. She also writes poetry which has appeared in Four and Twenty, Asia Writes,Pirene’s Fountain and Vox Poetica.

Bryce Dishongh – OVS 2012 Art Prize Winner

Bryce Dishongh always wanted to be a writer, but now he just hangs out with them. He studied English in college. When he realized that, careerwise, this was a poor choice, he got himself a master’s degree in Technical Communication, which he thought might allow him to write and get paid for it. He was right. It totally worked. But then his meandering spirit got the best of him, yet again, and he ran off with a girl to Louisiana. Though he has tried sort of hard to get technical writing jobs, he rediscovered his true gift: illustration. Since moving to Louisiana less than a year ago (it is now June 2011), Bryce has done a great, wide lot of commissions (some of which he’s not proud of) and has sold a lot of personal works. He has even received several “likes” on his Facebook page! He’s got real skill and, though he hardly showers, he’s actually pretty good looking, in this humble narrator’s opinion. Check him out at brycedishongh.com


Meg Eden – Summer 2012

Meg Eden has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Rock & Sling, The Science Creative Quarterly, anderbo, Gloom Cupboard, and Crucible. Her collection “Your Son” has received The Florence Kahn Memorial Award. Her collection “Rotary Phones and Facebook” is to be released in June 2012 by Dancing Girl Press. Check out her work at: http://artemisagain.wordpress.com


Bridget Fahey – Vol. 2

Bridget Fahey O’Brien is a city life photographer. Her heart and art are rooted primarily in New York and San Francisco. Her work has appeared at vox poetica and in the homes of her friends and fans.

Millie Falcaro – Winter 2013

Millie Falcaro’s interests lie in the intersection of the visual arts, psychology and poetry and are informed by the function of memory, intuition and chance in the construction of visual images and poetry. Her poems have appeared in Chronogram, Avocet, Tapestries, Flesh and Darkling and her photographs have been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in venues throughout the United States and abroad and have been published in Adirondack Review, Avocet and Promethean. They have also appeared in film and television productions, most recently, in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, It’s Complicated and Sex and The City II. She directs the Photography Program at Marymount Manhattan College, a small liberal arts college, in her native city, New York, where she lives with her husband who is a painter.

Kelsey Floyd – Summer 2012

Kelsey Floyd is a recent graduate of DePauw University – not DePaul with the L – common misconception. She obtained degrees both in Psychology and Studio Art despite only receiving one, very nondescript, diploma stating she had received an implied singular Bachelor of Arts. Disappointed by the lack of clarity from the administration, Floyd relies on the gullibility of her adversaries to assume the validity of her two degrees. Since this fiasco she has moved to the east coast, beginning the transition of becoming a Maineiac. Floyd is pursuing high hopes of becoming a working artist and photography professor through her current role as a Teaching Assistant at Maine Media Workshops. These goals are further supported by her combined incidental and purposeful snatching up of exhibitions in galleries, coffee shops, museums, and many other miscellaneous places as well as printed and online literary magazines. If interested in seeing more of her work, feel more than free to visit (and subsequently “like”) her Facebook page.

Jim Fuess – Vol. 2

Jim Fuess works with liquid acrylic paint on canvas. Most of his work is abstract, but there are recognizable forms and faces in a number of the paintings. He strives for grace and fluidity, movement and balance. He likes color and believe that beauty can be an artistic goal. There is whimsy, fear, energy, movement, fun and dread in his paintings. A lot of his work is anthropomorphic. The shapes seem familiar. The faces are real. The gestures and movements recognizable. There is interaction between abstract forms and forms that represent animals and humans. The painting technique involves using squeeze bottles with different viscosities of liquid paint, two brands of paint, and a number of interchangeable nozzles of different apertures.


Zachary Scott Hamilton – Summer 2012

Zachary Scott Hamilton is candy stolen from a baby. The candy is the color of wine, looks like a French woman’s eyes. She is tired beyond her years. You put the candy in a shoe, because that’s what people do for Christmas in Germany. You forget about the candy, because you are not German.


Mel Kadel – Spring 2011 Featured Artist

Tamara Karr – Spring 2011

Sarah Katharina Kayss – Spring 2012

Sarah Katharina Kayss Born in 1985, in Koblenz (Germany) | B.A. History and Comparative Religion (Ruhr University of Bochum) | M.A. Modern History (King’s College, University of London) | Her artwork, prose and poetry appeared in literary magazines in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the United States | Editor of the bilingual literary magazine PostPoetry | Recently lives in Camden Town (London).


Eleanor Leonne-Bennett – Spring 2011, Spring 2012

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 15 year old photographer and artist who has won contests with National Geographic,The Woodland Trust, The World Photography Organisation, Winstons Wish, Papworth Trust, Mencap, Big Issue, Wrexham science , Fennel and Fern and and Nature’s Best Photography.She has had her photographs published in exhibitions and magazines across the world including the Guardian, RSPB Birds , RSPB Bird Life, Dot Dot Dash ,Alabama Coast , Alabama Seaport and NG Kids Magazine (the most popular kids magazine in the world). She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.Only visual artist published in the Taj Mahal Review June 2011. Youngest artist to be displayed in Charnwood Art’s Vision 09 Exhibition and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition. Check her out at www.eleanorleonnebennett.zenfolio.com.

Mike Lewis – – Vol. 1, Vol. 2 Featured Artist

Mike Lewis’s work has appeared in online magazines, theater showbills, and poetry chap books, as well as on various apparel. Mike has shown in 9 states, in major solo shows, dual shows and many group exhibitions. His work is represented by Blue Bottle, Artstream Studios, and Lunar Boy Gallery. He is an avid bike rider, an extreme music nerd, and a comic book geek. If you’d like to know more about his art, his craft, or are just plain curious as to who this guy is that draws birds wearing headphones you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


John Martino – Vol. 2

John Martino aims to create small-format, street-style photographs that function as works of fiction–that suggest and entertain, rather than document or confirm. His images have appeared in a number of publications, including Photographer’s Forum, The Advocate, New Orleans Review, and The Boston Globe. His work is represented by the Khaki Gallery in Boston, MA.

Irène Mathieu – Summer 2011

Irène Mathieu is a freelance writer, photographer, (non-freelance) medical student, painter, and musician. She graduated from the College of William & Mary in 2009 and is currently a medical student at Vanderbilt University. Her poetry and photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including 34th Parallel, Magnapoets, Damselfly Press, The Meadowland Review, The Caribbean Writer, The Lindenwood Review, Muzzle Magazine, and Hinchas de Poesía. One of her poems was a semifinalist in Jane’s Stories Press Foundations 2010 contest. She aspires to be a global physician-activist/author/photographer. This photo was taken in the Dominican Republic, where she lived for a year following her college graduation.


Jacob Oet – Summer 2011

Jacob Oet lives in Solon, Ohio and is currently a junior at University School. He has loved writing and making images since he was little. Jacob was a finalist in Playhouse Square’s 2010 teen poetry SlamU! competition. He was awarded a second prize for poetry and third prize for short fiction in the 2010 Generation Next, Cuyahoga County high school creative arts competition. His poem, “Metamorphosis,” was a winner of the 2010 Poetry in the Garden competition, co-sponsored by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. Jacob appears in The New Verse News and Jet Fuel Review. Jacob’s photography was awarded one Gold Key, three Silver Keys and an Honorable Mention at the 2011 Scholastic Art Competition. Jacob is also a five-time Ohio scholastic chess champion.

Brandon Otto – Winter 2013

Brandon Otto is a portrait and art photographer based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has been active for the last 10 years, but only started to develop his own sense of style upon moving from California to the Cincinnati area in 2010. Since then he has honed his craft, relocated once again, and started to develop a local following in NW Arkansas.


Beth Page – Vol. 1

Beth holds a BFA in Illustration. She worked as a prototypist at Cranium, Inc., and won the Bronze award from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles for 2008 Editorial Illustration. She’s also our lovely Layout and Design/Art Editor!

Katrina Pallop – Spring 2012

Katrina Pallop is a student of drama at NYU, an aspiring playwright and photographer, and a nanny on the side. Her photography, essays, and non-fiction can be seen in West 10th Literary Magazine, The Mercer Street Anthology, and on thoughtcatalog.com. A true woman of her generation, Katrina naturally has an Etsy shop that you should feel free to visit.

Colleen Purcell – Spring 2012

Colleen has lived most of her life in Chile, where she was a photographer. She was especially interested in photographing religious festivities in the Atacama. Her photos have been published in Anderbo, Off the Coast, The Meadowland Review, Foliate Oak, Diverse Voices Quarterly, and a few other magazines.


Sameer R.K. – Summer 2012

Sameer R.K. is a 25 year old University student from India, whose hobby is photography.


Fabio Sassi – Spring 2012

He had several experiences such as music (used to play harp in a blues band), photography, writing. He’s a visual artist since 1990 making acrylics with the stencil technique on canvas, board, old vinyl records or other media. He uses logos, icons, tiny objects and shades to create weird perspectives. Many of his subjects are inspired by a paradox either real or imaginary and by the news. He often thinks about new subjects while cycling!

Louis Staeble – Spring 2012

Louis Staeble lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, an increasingly semi-rural location. This fact lends itself to his art creation schemes. He has a photograph in the 93rd Annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition titled Industrial Strength Nation.

Kristina Starowitz – Spring 2011


Christopher Woods – Vol. 2

Christopher Woods is a writer, photographer and teacher. He lives in Houston and in Chappell Hill, Texas. His work has appeared recently in Glasgow Review, Litchfield Review and Narrative Magazine. His books include a prose collection, Under A Riverbed Sky, and a book of stage monologues for actors, Heart Speak. He shares an online gallery with his wife Linda at Moonbird Hill Arts


Susan Yount – Winter 2013

Susan Yount was born and raised on a 164-acre farm in Southern Indiana where she learned to drive a tractor, harvest crops, feed the chickens and hug her beloved goat, Cinnamon. Soon after receiving her BA from Indiana University in Photo-Journalism, she married a physicist and moved to Ohio. While attending Kent State University as a graduate student, she worked at the largest flour mill in northeast Ohio where she kept those Accounts Receivable up-to-date (no small feat, that!). After moving to Chicago, she and her husband built a home on the south side with a view of the Willis Tower. In the middle of the upheaval she found time to give birth to a bouncy baby boy! She is the Editor and Publisher of Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal, works fulltime at the Associated Press and is the founder of Misty Publications. Having completed graduate studies in poetry at Columbia College in Chicago, she now balances work, her new home and her delightful love bug. Only Mimi Mousy Tongue knows what Susan will be doing next and she’s not talking. Her poetry has appeared in several print and online magazines including Elixir, Bathtub Gin, Wicked Alice, Verse Daily and The Chaffin Journal. Susan is a 2003 recipient of The Lynda Hull Memorial Scholarship in Poetry and in 2010 she was awarded first prize in the 16th Annual Juried Reading competition at The Poetry Center Of Chicago. In her spare (!) time she moonlights as madam for the Chicago Poetry Bordello and writes the Rebellious Women in Poetry column with Jessica Dyer.